Raid on Port Royal: Donland and The Hornet

Three sloops does not a squadron make nor a commodore. Sailing from English Harbor, Donland is in command of the sloops Hornet, Stinger and Jacket. His destination is Fort Royal in Carolina to deliver munitions and soldiers. Sumerford has his secrets, Major Ellington of the army has his bluster and Donland has a captain afraid of his first lieutenant. The mix is explosive and Donland is challenged to stay in command.

In freezing weather the munitions and soldiers are landed. A fort has to be subdued and Major Ellington is determined to have his glorious battle. The stage is set for one of the strangest battles of the Revolution. History records the Colonials as the victors but Donland would argue the point.

Author: Perry Comer

Title: Raid on Port Royal: Donland and The Hornet

Series: Donland

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Format: Kindle

Date: 15 June 2015




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