Ramage's Diamond1802: Blockade... Lord Ramage, the navy's youngest and most junior captain, is ordered to set sail for Diamond Rock, off the West Indian island of Martinique. It is a routine mission - to blockade the French in Fort Royal -but the Juno, his new command, is not a routine navy ship. With a crew grown slack and mutinous under Its alcoholic ex-captain, the Juno Is In no state when she arrives to take on the pride of the French fleet.

Then a sudden and daring attack by ruthless French privateers in West Indian waters stretches the new captain and his untried crew to within an inch of their lives...

Author: Dudley Pope

Title: Ramage's Diamond

Series: Lord Ramage

First Published by: Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd


Format: HC

Date: 1976

ISBN-10: 0436377330

ISBN-13: 9780436377334



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