The fire leapt into life and immediately flared up in the breeze entering the channel. Ben scurried around lighting the other trays. It was a frightening sight. The flames leapt up eight or ten feet, the masts and deck had already been given a dousing of water, but even so there was fear in the hearts of every man aboard. Searing heat burnt their faces; Matthew stemmed the rising panic that threatened to overwhelm him. It was a bit too life-like for comfort.

They were in the channel and the frigates edged into view as the corvette rounded the rocky cliff face, they looked threatening and under normal circumstances would have been the cause of great concern; but they were paid little heed, for the crew's immediate concern was avoiding being burned to death. They almost fought for the buckets of water throwing the contents over the masts and galleries the varnish blistering in the heat, quickly they refilled the buckets dropping them over the side and hauling them back in by the short length of rope spliced to every handle. Time and again they filled their buckets almost in a state of panic. What was intended to be a show put on for the benefit of the Captains of the frigates turned out to be a race to stop the ship from becoming their funeral pyre.

Renaisance and Revenge

Author: Glyn Adams

Title: Renaisance and Revenge

Series: The Face of the Enemy

First Published by: Glyn Adams


Format: Kindle

Date: 10 June 2014







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