Before Captain Will Laurence can prepare his crew for the slow voyage home from China, new orders arrive for him and his dragon, Temeraire: they must fly home immediately, stopping only in Istanbul to collect three priceless dragon eggs, purchased by the British government from the Ottoman Empire. But the cross-continental journey is fraught with danger; not only will they have to scale mountains and traverse vast hostile deserts, but a Machiavellian herald precedes them, spreading political menace in her wake. Holding Temeraire responsible for the death of her princely companion, Lien has absconded from China consumed by vengeance. If she can, she will destroy everything and everyone Temeraire loves.

Black Powder War 

Author: Naomi Novik

Title: Black Powder War

Series: The Temeraire series

First Published by: Del Rey

Place: US

Format: PB

Date: 2006

ISBN-10: 0-345481-30-5

ISBN-13: 978-0345481306




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