A Romance with an HNF Background:

November, 1802. A truce holds in the war between England and France, but the conflict has moved into the lives of Commander Will Marshall and Lieutenant David Archer. Separated for nine months after Davy was wounded, they are now reunited in His Majesty's secret service-only to find that their relationship is still in troubled waters.

With Will in command, he silently wrestles with the fear that his next order may send Davy into the path of another bullet-a fatal one. Davy has no idea why his lover has grown distant, but he does know that Will walked away once before, and never even answered his letters. Should he have returned? Their reunion was passionate, but Will's evasiveness makes him wonder if he has made a serious error. If their love is to survive, they must face and overcome their misunderstandings, before the tide of war sweeps over them once more.

Eye of the Storm, the third in the Royal Navy Series by Lee Rowan, travels from England to France with Will as Commander in charge of a covert mission. He and Davy are forced, once again, to confront the fears that both separate and join them and find a way to share their love in a time when it was more than just forbidden-when it was a crime.

Eye of the Storm

Author: Lee Rowan

Title: Eye of the Storm

Series: Royal Navy Series

First Published by: Cheyenne Publishing


Format: PB

Date: 1 September 2009

ISBN-10: 0-979777-35-6

ISBN-13: 978-0979777356




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