Set in 1805 with principal character Bartholomew Hoare RN this is one of a series of 3 novels which are really shore based mystery novels

The second of a series of historical mysteries featuring Batholomeu Hoare, officer in His Majesty's Royal Navy during the reign of George III. Hoare is charged with finding the murderer of his Majesty's captains and uncovers an egregious conspiracy of theft and violence. Resurrected once again is the colorful Miss Jane Austen, as well as other delightful characters also featured in the first novel in this promising new series.

Hoare and the Headless Captains

Author: Wilder Perkins

Title: Hoare and the Headless Captains

Series: Bartholomew Hoare

First Published by: St. Martin's Minotaur



Date: 1999

ISBN-10:  0-312252-48-X

ISBN-13:  978-0312252489




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