A Romance with an HNF Background:

Home Is the Sailor is set immediately following Eye of the Storm. After an unprovoked attack during peacetime-was it revenge for their abduction of one of Bonaparte's top military scientists?-Commander William Marshall and his lover, David Archer, are sent into hiding at David's ancestral home in Devon. But this is no peaceful shore leave. With the best intentions in the world, Will has discovered that his fear of losing Davy is still stronger than his desire to keep Davy beside him on the quarterdeck. And Lieutenant Archer is having problems of his own-the family that seemed so rock-solid, if distant, is staggering under the loss of its eldest son and heir. Was it an accident... or murder? And if the latter, how will he ever prove it to an autocratic father who still sees him as the inept youngest son?

Out of their element, Davy and Will are thrust into the role of sleuths while trying to determine what sort of future, if any, they may have together. Fans of The Royal Navy series will be delighted with this latest entry, a truly intriguing mystery/adventure. "From its nautical opening straight through to its startling climax and satisfying conclusion, Home Is The Sailor is a taut, well paced read. Engaged from the first paragraphs, I burned through it in a day. Another excellent book from Lee Rowan!" -Donald Hardy, author of Lovers' Knot.

Home is the Sailor

Author: Lee Rowan

Title: Home is the Sailor

Series: Royal Navy Series

First Published by: Cheyenne Publishing


Format: PB

Date: 15 August 2010

ISBN-10: 0982826702

ISBN-13: 9780982826706




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