A Ghost Story/Romance with an HNF Background:

At the annual meeting of the "Young Bucks Club", four officers serving in the Royal Navy during the Age of Sail share ghostly naval tales.

  The Radiant Boy

"This is the story of Lieutenant David Claridge and his son," he began. "I can testify for its truth as I've served with Claridge for many years, and know him as a gentleman of honour and honesty. A reliable officer, no doubt, but first and foremost, he was a dedicated father."

Crawford's Casket

"Indeed, thinking of Mrs. Johnson, I can honestly say that the man who found himself a good wife is to be envied. And so is the woman who gave her hand in matrimony to a good man. Such union will be blessed, no doubt. Unfortunately, I know of a marriage which ended in disaster."

The Last Journey of HMS Dover

"As we are talking about ghosts tonight, mentioning Death is inevitable, I suppose. However, Death is, as Johnson mentioned before, no respecter of persons. Death is neither good nor evil, it just - is."

Last Service

"It's the men who go beyond the call of duty who keep our fleet and our country afloat, and my story is about just such a gentleman. Surprisingly enough, he was an admiral."

The Radiant Boy: Four Ghost Stories from the Age of Sail

Author: Emma Collingwood

Title: The Radiant Boy: Four Ghost Stories from the Age of Sail

Series: Penny, Dreadful and Tarbottom

First Published by: Books on Demand Gmbh


Format: PB

Date: November 2010

ISBN-10: 3842336756

ISBN-13: 9783842336759


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