A parody of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series set during the War of 1812

The Port-Wine Sea is a rousing parody of the best historical fiction ever written. It is a story about a British naval captain during the Napoleonic War, and his friend, a naval physician/espionage agent. They set sail once again aboard H.M.S. Aghast during the War of 1812 to demonstrate to the upstart Colonies the errors of their ways. The doctor/spy tries to establish liaison with the Creek Indians to create a diversion to the main British assault. Meanwhile the noble Captain is diverted by a teenaged Maryland vixen. Along the way, they encounter a skittish horse, a demure skunk, a whooping crane, and an escaped colony of termites aboard the ship.

The Port-Wine Sea

Author: Susan Wenger

Title: The Port-Wine Sea

Series: n/a

First Published by: Erica House


Format: PB

Date: May 1999

ISBN-10: 1-893162-00-1

ISBN-13: 978-1893162006

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