Standards Left Ragged1776: Phillip Fairaday is a young schooner captain at the beginning of the American Revolution. He comes from a distinguished family of Virginia merchants in Norfolk, Virginia. As war breaks out he is faced with the loyalty he feels for his homeland and service in the English militia. Along with his brother, Elias, Phillip is persuaded to join the British militia leading freed slaves against the rebel Virginia forces. After the disastrous battle of Great Bridge, Phillip reassumes command of his schooner and turns rebel, fleeing the wrathful Lord Dunmore and his determined Tory fleet. A furious battle at sea ensues in which the Fairaday brothers' fate is ultimately decided.

Author: Charles D. White

Title: Standards Left Ragged

Series: Fairaday & Marlborough

First Published by: Broadsides Press

Place: US

Format: PB

Date: 2006

ISBN-10: 0972630384

ISBN-13: 9780972630382


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