The tall ship Friends Good Will and the War of 1812 on the Great Lakes come to vivid life in this well-researched historical volume by James Spurr. Book 1 Great Lakes, Great Guns Historical Series, Sworn for Mackinaw begins in pre-war Detroit with business and family man Oliver Williams and his brother-in-law, Captain William Lee. Both men stake their futures on a new venture: the fast sailing sloop Friends Good Will. When war erupts it causes tension between friends, strains on blood bonds, and the unforeseen peril of carrying a secret cargo that may change the entire course of history. 

Sworn for Mackinaw

Author: James Spurr

Title: Sworn for Mackinaw

Series: Great Lakes, Great Guns Historical Series

First Published by: Double Edge Press


Format: PB

Date: 24 April 2006

ISBN-10: 0977445224

ISBN-13: 9780977445226



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