Sword of State: The WieldingThe year is 1659. Lord General George Monck has set up on camp on the River Tweed on the border of Scotland and England with his loyal army. He has plans to retire, to spend the rest of his years on his estates in Essex and Potheridge with his wife, Anne, and son, Kit. But the changing political climate in London forces him to march his army south to the capital and Monck isn’t one to defy duty.

In the Rump of the Long Parliament, the case is being made for an end to the Commonwealth and for the Restoration of the Monarchy. Some want Charles, the son of the previous King, to return from his exile in France whilst others would even have Monck, with his Plantagenet blood, as their King.

When the Monarchy is restored, there is never a quiet moment for Monck. From commanding the English naval forces against the Dutch to leading the team trying to contain the Great Plague, Monck becomes Charles II’s right hand man, equally adept at the difficult game of politics and the ways of the military both on land and at sea.

Meanwhile, Anne is keen for the advancement of their son. He could become a courtier or the King’s page-boy and so she urges Monck not to retire. But illness has always been strife in Monck’s life and it seems to keep coming back...

When his wife, Anne, tells him that he needs to slow down, will he listen? Or will his sense of duty to his country get in the way?

Author: Richard Woodman

Title: Sword of State: The Wielding

Series: Sword of State Trilogy

First Published by: Endeavour Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 21 September 2015




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