This book is described as a Novella and it is therefore listed as a short story.

The American Civil War has ground the South into the dust for ten long years thanks in large part to the Anaconda Plan: with its naval dominance, the Union's unbeatable ironclad warships surround the entire South, slowly but surely constricting trade and isolating the Confederacy from any outside aid. Despite how long the South has been able to hold out, the end is assured.

Now two Confederate Secret Service agents and an engineer will take ship with a privateer captain and brave the Union naval blockade of New Orleans, daring the wrath of the North in a desperate attempt to reach Europe where Confederate gold can buy ironclad warships - and help the South win the Civil War. But when their ship is blown off course to an uncharted island somewhere in the Caribbean, the crew must decide if the best course for their mission lies with a European shipyard, or with the island's strange inhabitants. Whatever they choose, the course of the Civil War - and their own survival - hangs in the balance.

Full Fathom Five is a lovingly researched novella of war and bravery, love and betrayal, and soul-wrenching personal choices set against the rich backdrop of the American Civil War. Inspired by themes in Shakespeare, this story of one man's journey will remain with readers long after the final page is turned.

Full Fathom Five

Author: Peter A. Smalley (not to be confused with Peter Smalley)

Title: Full Fathom Five

Series: n/a

First Published by: Kindling Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 18 October 2011





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