A bloodthirsty masked pirate was the Black Bloodhound, and a hundred years ago endless and incredible were the stories told about him and his schooner in every port of the islands and the east coast of the three Americas. The poisonous scum of twenty nations were his crew. At the opening of the tale, Lieutenant Daniel Upton and a handful of men are sent from the United States frigate Constellation to succor a victim of this dreaded corsair and find themselves on the Brotherly Love, a Quaker merchantman turned by the Bloodhound into a ghastly horror. The only living person aboard is a tortured man who has lost his memory.

In Mr. Bishop's story the American lieutenant struggles in unfriendly surroundings against almost overwhelming odds. Over it all hovers the menace of the mysterious Black Bloodhound, until in a personal encounter with Lieutenant Upton his identity is revealed.

"The Black Bloodhound" is written at a high pitch and few readers will be able to leave it until they have solved the mystery of the the great pirate

The Black Bloodhound

Author: Farnham Bishop

Title: The Black Bloodhound

Series: n/a

First Published by: Little, Brown

Place: New York

Format: HC

Date: 1927



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