In a blind rage, King James, ex-slave and now Marlowe's comrade in arms, slaughters the crew of a slave ship and makes himself the most wanted man in Virginia. The governor gives Marlowe a choice: Hunt James down and bring him back to hang or lose everything Marlowe has built for himself and his wife, Elizabeth.

Marlowe sets out in pursuit of the ex-slave turned pirate, struggling to maintain control over his crew -- rough privateers who care only for plunder -- and following James's trail of destruction. But Marlowe is not James's only threat, as factions aboard James's own ship vie for control and betrayal stalks him to the shores of Africa.

The Blackbirder

Author: James L. Nelson

Title: The Blackbirder

Series: Brethren of the Coast trilogy

First Published by: William Morrow


Format: HC

Date: 2001

ISBN-10: 0380804530

ISBN-13: 9780380804535



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