Author :: Alaric Bond
Series :: Fighting Sail
First Published by :: Old Salt Press
Format :: Kindle
Date :: 11 September 2016

The Blackstrap StationChristmas 1803, although the group of shipwrecked Royal Navy seamen have anything but festivities in mind as they pitch their wits against the French force sent to retrieve them. And all the while, rescue in the shape of a British frigate, lies temptingly close, yet just beyond their reach...

Encompassing vicious sea battles, spirited land action and treachery from friend as much as foe, The Blackstrap Station tells a stirring tale of courage, honour and loyalty, set against the backdrop of what is to become a broiling Mediterranean summer.

Author: Alaric Bond

Title: The Blackstrap Station

Series: Fighting Sail

First Published by: Old Salt Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 11 September 2016




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