Extract: "The great majority of the Tartar's crew were fully aware that they had committed a gross act of mutiny, in deserting their duty, and breaking open the spirit room during the storm, and with every certainty expected that some steps would be taken against them by Sir Henry Coxcomb and the Admiral, on the moment of the frigate's arrival. Against this they were all prepared to act as one man. Great was their surprise, when the frigate sailed quietly away without a single mutineer having been called to account. The perfect knowledge they possessed of Sir Henry's character induced them to mistrust this appearance of a pardon; and no sooner was the watch called after the Admiral's departure, than the mutineers took counsel together as to their future proceedings. Thus far the seamen had judged most rightly; Sir Henry Coxcomb had used every effort in his power to have the ringleaders of the mutiny seized, and sent to England for trial in the frigate that carried home the Admiral."


Author: William Johnson Neale

Title: The Captain's Wife


First Published by: T & W Boone (In 3 volumes)

Place: London

Format: HC

Date: 1842




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