The Chilean CorvetteIt is 1866. The Civil War is over, the Confederate Navy is gone, and the Union Navy is 90% smaller. Thousands of out-of-work sailors flock to the navies and merchant fleets of other nations. Former Confederate Commodore John Randolph Tucker is hired by Peru and Chile to lead their combined fleets against the might of the Spanish Navy in the War of the Chincha Islands.

After Rory's April wedding in Ireland, and Tobias' engagement, Rory is summoned by Tucker to join his Peruvian/Chilean staff. Rory becomes commander of the Chilean/Peruvian Atlantic Squadron. He recruits Tobias and a host of Irish-American sailor-members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the "Fenians," thirsting for adventure, employment and training for the forthcoming Fenian uprising against Britain in 1867.

Together, Rory and Tobias lead the squadron as it carries out Peruvian President Mariano Prado's plan to attack Spanish possessions in the Atlantic, and Spain herself. The Spanish Navy is thrown in chaos as our heroes use steam fireships to destroy the massive wooden warships of Spain, risking their lives in the process.

Author: Les Eldridge

Title: The Chilean Corvette

Series: Rory Dunbrody and Tobias St. John

First Published by: Leeward Coast Press


Format: K

Date: 3 October 2014




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