Fourteen year old Giles Courtenay, son of William and Helen Courtenay, joins the Claymore, a 74 gun ship of the line as a Midshipman. There he begins to learn the duties and responsibilities, together with the hardships, of a life at sea in one of His Majesty's ships. He is quickly introduced to the fight against slavery and privateers...and also how to kill in the name of the King. Ultimately commissioned as a Lieutenant, Courtenay is involved in the reverses of Toulon and Corsica, and in 1794 takes part in the major sea-battle known as the Glorious First of June. Also, he meets the first member of the family with whom he will have a feud during his career as a sea officer. The Claymore

Author: Brian Withecombe

Title: The Claymore

Series: Giles Courtenay

First Published by:


Format: Kindle

Date: 22 February 2014






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