The Devil Upon the Wave

Autumn 1671 Sir Matthew Quinton is on a mission of vengeance, four years in the making. For in 1667, England suffered the worst defeat in her naval history, at the hands of the Dutch, who, not content with attacking and destroying British ships in their own waters, added insult to injury by towing away the flagship Royal Charles. The shame and humiliation is too much for this king’s captain of the seas to bear. He must recapture the Charles and redeem his country’s honour – but little does he know what fate awaits the rescue mission…

The story details the drama of the Dutch attacks on the Medway and Landguard Fort, recounts the heroism of both attackers and defenders, reveals the shocking failings at the highest levels of Charles II’s court, and sees Matthew confront a terrible dilemma – finding himself aboard an enemy man-of-war as it sails into battle against his own side. This timely novel commemorates the 350th anniversary of this event, through a witty and action-packed account, which remains to this day a cautionary tale for Britain’s defenders to never be caught off guard again… .


  • Author: J. D. Davies
  • Title: The Devil Upon the Wave
  • Series: The Journals of Matthew Quinton
  • First Published by: Independently published
  • First Published Format: PB
  • First Published Date: 30 July 2017
  • ISBN-10: 1521974888
  • ISBN-13: 978-1521974889

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