The First Nathaniel Drinkwater OmnibusThis book is a compendium of 3 individual novels by Richard Woodman:

Comprising 'An Eye of the Fleet', 'A King's Cutter' and 'A Brig of War', this omnibus edition contains the first three Nathaniel Drinkwater chronicles. 'An Eye of the Fleet''- sees Nathaniel Drinkwater engaged in dramatic action off the coast of Spain in Admiral Rodney's famous Moonlight Battle and the capture of the Santa Teresa. But his adventures also bring rebellion on board and a perilous expedition into the Carolina swamps. 'A King's Cutter' - Clandestine operations off the coast of France aboard the twelve-gun cutter Kestrel involves Drinkwater in the French Revolution; rescuing refugees from Madame Guillotine and helping British agents infiltrate France. 'A Brig of War'- at the request of Nelson himself, Drinkwater is despatched to the Red Sea on an urgent mission. Soon he is on a thrilling naval operation on the flank of Napoleon's Egyptian campaign.

Author: Richard Woodman

Title: The First Nathaniel Drinkwater Omnibus

Series: Nathaniel Drinkwater

First Published by: Warner


Format: PB

Date: 2000

ISBN-10: 0751529796

ISBN-13: 9780751529791



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