West Indies - 1760s: Lt. Ramsay, RN has fallen in love with Angela, the daughter of his captain who resolves to accomplish his ruin and has him dismissed the service on a trumped up charge. He then presses him as a common seaman, and maroons him on a desert island.

Ramsay's friend, a mysterious corporal of marines, strangles the captain and drops the body overboard after which the crew mutiny and elect him as their leader. The mutinous frigate attacks a ship carrying Angela which, a waterlogged wreck, drifts ashore on Ramsay's island.

Meanwhile the corporal plans to disguise the frigate as the dreaded Flying Dutchman.


Author: William Johnson Neale

Title: The Flying Dutchman: A Legend of the High Seas


First Published by: Henry Colburn (in 3 Volumes)

Place: London

Format: HC

Date: 1839




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