The Fox & The FlagAs captain of the 18-gun Furv, ex-British naval officer Patrick Dalton escorts merchant ships through treacherous colonial war zones, where English ships search for rebels and ruthlessly confiscate valuable cargo.

Accused of treason by the Crown, Dalton is a man without a flag, relentlessly pursued by Felix Croney, who has vowed to bring him to justice. Now he and this sworn enemy are about to meet in deadly duel of nerves and wit. But to save his freedom, Dalton will do whatever he must to win - even if it means taking Croney as his prisoner...

Author: Dan Parkinson

Title: The Fox & The Flag

Series: Patrick Dalton

First Published by: Pinnacle Books

Place: New York

Format: PB Original

Date: 1990

ISBN-10: 1558173498


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