The Fox & The FortuneSpring of 1778: the initial skirmishing in the rebellion of the American colonies is now over. Aboard the Fury, ex-British naval officer Patrick Dalton and his crew find a derelict three-master that the feared pirate Jack Shelby and his cut-throats have looted and set adrift, believing they have murdered the whole crew. But two hidden survivors can unmask Shelby's land-based spy in the Colonies... and a fortune of stolen booty. Dalton knows it is only a matter of time before the avenging Valkyrie seeks him out. Shelby's great predator ship will be pitted against Dalton's skill in naval combat in a furious sea battle that will spell disaster for the loser.

Author: Dan Parkinson

Title: The Fox & The Fortune

Series: Patrick Dalton

First Published by: Pinnacle Books

Place: New York

Format: PB Original

Date: 1992

ISBN-10: 1558176004



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