The Invasion YearThe smashing series featuring the roguish Captain Alan Lewrie continues with The Invasion Year. After reluctantly saving the last French citizens left on rebellious Haiti, Lewrie finds himself invited back to London to receive honors from the King. Thanks to King George III and his uncertain mental state, the moment ends with a surprise for Lewrie—if not for King himself!

With little time to recover, Lewrie soon finds himself back at sea. Word has it that Napoleon is preparing for an invasion across the Channel. Lewrie will not just be keeping watch, however. The British government hopes to test out a newfangled weapon called a “torpedo,” which to date seems nearly as dangerous to the attacker as it is to the target.

Author: Dewey Lambdin

Title: The Invasion Year

Series: Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures

First Published by: Thomas Dunne Books


Format: HC

Date: 18 January 2011

ISBN-10: 0312551851

ISBN-13: 9780312551858


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