The King's ChameleonEngland, 1659. Captain Kit Faulkner's house is prospering; his eldest son, Nathaniel, has recently returned from a profitable trip to Jamaica in the good ship Faithful, and his daughter, Hannah, has made a suitable match with a young sailor. But the resignation of the Lord Protector, Richard Cromwell, throws England into uncertainty. Will the republic flourish, or will a King return to the throne? Kit is content to let matters take their natural course, but his younger son, Henry, is an idealist with political ambitions. It soon becomes clear that Henry is in much deeper than Kit first realised, and Henry's actions may threaten everything that Kit holds dear...

Author: Richard Woodman

Title: The King's Chameleon

Series: Kit Faulkner

First Published by: Severn House Publishers Ltd


Format: HC

Date: 25 July 2013

ISBN-10: 0727882961

ISBN-13: 9780727882967


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