The King’s CoatIn 1780 Alan Lewrie was a precocious seventeen-year-old living in London. Found in bed with his half-sister, he was sent off to the navy to be out of sight -- and perhaps lost at sea. Much to his surprise, Alan took to the sea, and before long proved himself as a seaman. The King's Coat is a novel of adventure and self-discovery, of breathtaking sea battles and awakening maturity. It introduces Midshipman Alan Lewrie on his premiere voyage and sees him off to a brilliant naval career at the height of the American Revolution.Accompanied by his faithful old crew, Captain Ramage sets out for the West Indies. But before he reaches the Caribbean he runs into a storm of trouble. The Dido is a powerful weapon: if he is to survive his first mission as captain, he must learn to use her destructive capabilities to the full.

Author: Dewey Lambdin

Title: The King’s Coat

Series: Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures

First Published by: Donald I. Fine

Place: New York

Format: HC

Date: 1989

ISBN-10: 1556111428




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