The Lion of MidnightWinter, 1666. A second war has broken out between the English and the Dutch...

Captain Matthew Quinton's fifth mission for King and country is to the Swedish court at Gothenburg. Sweden is at the height of its military power and Quinton is charged with securing much-needed support in England's new war against her old enemy, the Dutch republic.

Accompanying him is the mysterious Lord Conisborough, who - unknown to his captain - is sworn to another secret mission: to track down and kill the notorious regicide John Bale, alone among peers of the realm to sign the death warrant of Charles I.

Gothenburg proves to be a hotbed of dangerously conflicting loyalties, and Quinton and crew find themselves needing help from the most unexpected quarters.

Author: J. D. Davies

Title: The Lion of Midnight

Series: The Journals of Matthew Quinton

First Published by: Old Street Publishing

Place: UK

Format: PB

Date: 23 April 2013

ISBN-10: 1908699272

ISBN-13: 9781908699275

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