This book is a compendium of 4 individual novels by Showell Styles:

Fifteen-year old Septimus Quinn is not your everyday hero. In this collection of four complete novels, the reader will follow the small, spectacled, but very determined midshipman on a series of exciting adventures that take him from England to the Mediterranean, from the Battle of Trafalgar to espionage in Republican France. Author Showell Styles based his books of sea-battles and events on actual eye-witness accounts taken from the logbooks of english frigates, making his stories not only exciting but historically authentic as well.

The Midshipman Quinn Collection

Author: Showell Styles

Title: The Midshipman Quinn Collection

Series: Septimus Quinn

First Published by: San Val Inc.

Place: US

Format: HC

Date: October 1999

ISBN-10: 0613802047

ISBN-13: 9780613802048




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