The Perfect WreckDecember 29, 1812 - The date of one of the most dramatic sea battles in naval history. HMS Java and the USS Constitution (the famous "Old Ironsides") face off in the War of 1812's most spectacular blue-water frigate action. Their separate stories begin in August 1812-one in England and the other in New England. Then, the tension and suspense rise, week-by-week, as the ships cruise the Atlantic, slowly and inevitably coming together for the final life-and-death climax. The Perfect Wreck is not only the first full-length book ever written about the battle between the USS Constitution and HMS Java, it is a gem of Creative Nonfiction. It has the exhaustive research of a scholarly history book; but it is beautifully presented in the form of a novel. "A highly recommended must-read for every naval enthusiast-indeed, for every American!" - Stephen Coonts - NY Times best-selling author

Author: Steven E. Maffeo

Title: The Perfect Wreck - Old Ironsides and HMS Java: A Story of 1812


First Published by: Fireship Press


Format: PB

Date: 23 May 2011

ISBN-10: 1611791510

ISBN-13: 9781611791518


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