The Rajah of Monkey Island

The Raja of Monkey Island is a rattling and imaginative story of sea, life and adventure in pursuit of slave-dhows.
HMS Spiteful is about to set out to sea from the Arab port of Muscat. Her mission: to intercept dhows transporting slaves from East Africa. Midshipman Ashley and his shipmates are all eager for a fight with slavers to do their bit to end the evil practice of slavery and – of course – to get a share of the prize money. But what if Arab slavers are not the only thing lurking in the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean?

The story is continued in The Cruise of the “Cormorant.”: or Treasure-Seekers of the Orient.

  • Author: Arthur Lee Knight
  • Title: The Rajah of Monkey Island
  • First Published Date: 1892

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