The spirit of Harry McGann lives on in his son Toby. Protecting Yankee shores from rogue French ships, he’s seen more action in his nineteen years than his father ever saw in a lifetime.

But his destiny is set to diverge from his father’s in more ways than one. A chance meeting with the beautiful Felicity Crown, daughter of British navy-Captain, sets him on a path of reuniting the family with his father’s old foe.

Times have changed, however, and a new threat to American interests stalks the seas. Barbary pirates operating out of Tripoli have cast their net wide over the Mediterranean, disrupting trade, plundering merchant ships and placing men and women into captivity.

When Felicity’s ship is over-run and Felicity herself sold off to harems across North Africa, the war with these pirates becomes deeply personal for Toby. He believes Felicity is alive and he is prepared to cross the sea and the sand to find her.

But Felicity’s cruel masters will not relinquish her without a fight.

The Sea and the Sand

Author: Christopher Nicole

Title: The Sea and the Sand

Series: The McGann series

First Published by: Severn House


Format: HC

Date: October 1986

ISBN-10: 0727813501

ISBN-13: 9780727813503



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