The Seventy-Four

1805: Rio de Janeiro - Captain Quintrell receives orders to return to England. He is to sail in company with a 74-gun third rate ship-of-the-line.

Heading along the north coast of Brazil, the British ships encounter two French vessels – a frigate and a corvette, and a fierce fight erupts. When the damaged French frigate takes flight, Oliver Quintrell makes chase, recaptures the Frenchman and returns to the 74 with the prize in tow.

Since leaving Rio, however, undercurrents of unrest have been simmering aboard the third rate. Treachery and insurrection, murder and mutiny must be put down and those responsible brought to account.

  • Author: M. C. Muir
  • Title: The Seventy-Four
  • Series: Under Admiralty Orders - The Oliver Quintrell Series
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 30 September 2016

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