During the Napoleonic war at sea a Royal Navy captain carried out three long and exciting voyages across the world in the two-decker warship Ajax. He was Captain Leon Cumberledge de Smit Figg, son of an English surgeon and a Dutch mother. He gained immediate promotion to Post rank for operations against the French of Toulon and was then transferred to the Cape Suadron based on Simonstown.

On his first voyage he rescued a famous British admiral in the Indian Ocean, and on his return to England was despatched to Russia with a golden bribe for the Czar to stiffen Russian resistance to Napoleon. The third voyage was to South America after the recently-born United States had declared war against Britain.

This romance is based on Captain Figg's life and has been compiled from letters, diaries and some reports published in contemporary issues of the old Naval Chronicle. It describes adventures unsurpassed in the stirring days of the old wooden walls.

The Swordmaster

Author: Alan Forrest

Title: The Swordmaster


First Published by: Robert Hale Ltd


Format: HC

Date: 11 March 1976

ISBN-10: 0709153600

ISBN-13: 9780709153603

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