The Wake of the WoonsocketThe continuing adventures of Rory Dunbrody, CSN and Tobias St. John, USN. In yet another espionage mission masterminded by Lincoln and his Secret Service Chief, Allan Pinkerton, Tobias, aboard USS Woonsocket, must sort through the conflicting expectations of Mexican President Benito Juarez with his need for weapons to put down Mexico's French-supported rebellion, and Lincoln's need to keep French imperialism at bay while insuring that the blockade of Matamoros does not interfere with cotton shipments for Union uniforms. In the process, Tobias barely escapes death at the hand of his nemesis, blockade runner Bertram Ludlow, off the mouth of the Rio Bravo! Next, Rory and Tobias are thrown together during the greatest race riot in history, as New York Irish and free Blacks clash while the Draft riots take effect. They must stage a mock murder to keep the men in their commands alive in the chaos. And speaking of New York, Raphael Semmes in the CSS Alabama opted not to attack its harbor for the lack of fuel, and Taylor Wood of the CSS Rappahannock cancelled a raid on the Brooklyn Navy Yard for want of a pilot. Is there no Rebel Navy raider who will rise to the challenge? Rory Dunbrody, now, there's the lad! He assaults New York with explosive results!

Author: Les Eldridge

Title: The Wake of the Woonsocket

Series: Rory Dunbrody and Tobias St. John

First Published by: Leeward Coast Press


Format: PB

Date: 7 August 2008

ISBN-10: 0979484715

ISBN-13: 9780979484711


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