When you have just offended some of the most powerful men in England there are two options: you can stand firm, or you can run. Which is why Martin Jerrold soon finds himself sailing away across the Atlantic Ocean as fast as the wind can carry him.

In the employ of Britain's Secret Office, Jerrold is sent to America on a simple mission. With serious rumours of a threatening conspiracy brewing, the government is in desperate need of help and Jerrold is their man. His task is simple: infiltrate the conspirators and stop them at all costs.

Leaving the shores of England, his journey will take him across pirate-infested seas, through the American wilderness, and down the mighty Mississippi River. Enemies are ranged against him - agents of Spain and America are trying to kill him, and the plotters are growing suspicious of his intentions. Then there is the lovely Miss Lyell, who seems to have her own plans for Lieutenant Jerrold.

His instructions ring in his ears: find out what the conspirators intend and stop it. But as each bumbling step takes Jerrold further into danger, he slowly realizes that his very presence within the conspiracy could be the spark that ignites a disastrous war between England and America. The stakes are high - the entire future of Britain's war against Napoleon rests in his not-so-capable hands. One wrong move and the consequences would be catastrophic, even by Jerrold's own lamentable standards.

Treason’s River

Author: Edwin Thomas

Series: The Reluctant Adventures of Martin Jerrold

First Published by: Bantam

Place: London

Format: HC

Date: 2006

ISBN-10: 0593050665




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