Two Volumes in One book

The Frigate Captain

February 1779, the war in North America does not go well for Britain. At sea the strength of the Royal Navy has been blunted by a war of small fast ships, while on land the corruption and incompetence of the military government have allowed a handful of rebel troops to hobble an army. John Sinclair is a senior captain, a man well used to service in difficult conditions, but haunted by past demons. William Mason is a young loyalist commander determined to do his duty to King and Country. Tara is the beautiful young woman that connects them both. When the two men meet in the North Atlantic, their lives become intertwined by a web of French intrigue. A web that threatens to destroy all that both hold dear. But duty is still duty and whether in London's squalid back alleys or the blood stained New York countryside, it demands no less than the fullest measure of devotion that they have to give.

Broad Pendant

May 1779, still stinging from losses suffered in the southern colonies Britain is faced with a new danger as combined Rebel/French raiding squadron continues to plunder the trade lanes defying the powerful ships of the Royal Navy. Into this seething cauldron sail John Sinclair and William Mason on a mission to end their trepidations once and for all. But first Mason, newly posted to the 26-gun frigate Vanessa, finds himself trapped between family and duty, while Sinclair must defend himself against a charge of treason at a time when his country needs him most. But when the beat to quarters sounds all past doubts and fears must be put aside as the fate of the nation may rest on the decisions they must make in the awful heat of battle.

Uncommon Valour

Author: John Stevens

Title: Uncommon Valour


First Published by: Jada Press


Format: PB

Date: June 2005

ISBN-10: 0976411555

ISBN-13: 978-0976411550



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