John Stevens is a self-taught naval historian and life-long New England resident who began toying with writing while still in High School. From those beginnings he moved on to writing amateur movie scripts, which he and his friends would then film. A largely chaotic work schedule forced him to give up filmmaking in the early eighties and he turned his creativity to a related area: role-playing. For many years Stevens ran several history-based campaigns in various role-playing groups, these led to his writing several articles for magazines and websites devoted to the hobby. Eventually these led him to writing fiction around the characters that he played, from these short stories came one that took on a life of it’s own. That short story grew to become The Frigate Captain and it’s sequel Broad Pendant which were published as one volume.

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1779 Uncommon Valour John Sinclair is a senior captain and William Mason a young loyalist commander serving King and Country during Americas fight for independance.


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