Most people are aware of the story of the Mutiny on the Bounty. Few, however, know what happened to the mutineers. They did not all sail to Pitcairn Island; indeed only nine of them did, leaving sixteen in Tahiti by their own choice. The Royal Navy was not about to let them remain at large and sent an armed frigate, HMS Pandora, to the Pacific to capture them and return them to England for trial. When Fortune Frowns is the story of this voyage, the capture of the remaining mutineers, and the perilous and disastrous return voyage to England. Storms, tropical islands, monotony, and shipwreck all figured into the epic tale, all viewed through the eyes of Lieutenant Edward Ballantyne, a fictional character, who joins the ship’s company under Captain Edwards in Portsmouth Harbour.

When Fortune Frowns

Author: William H. White

Title: When Fortune Frowns

Series: Edward Ballantyne

First Published by: Tiller Publishing

Place: US

Format: HC

Date: 1 April 2009

ISBN-10: 188867122X

ISBN-13: 9781888671223




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