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Hello and welcome to Historic Naval Fiction.

This Fan site is dedicated to the Age of Sail and the transition to steam, and in particular the time of "Nelson's Navy".

A time when sailing ships roamed and fought throughout the oceans of the world. Probably most people have heard of Horatio Hornblower the hero created by C S Forester but over the years many more authors and their heroes have appeared and these pages will summarise them under the Authors A-Z. You can also find them via the Book Title Index. If you want to chat about them or read additional reviews and comments not on this site why not join my Historic Naval Fiction forum.

I aim to provide details of all the naval fiction novels from the age of sail that have been written, not just the Royal Navy but the US Navy, the Bombay Marine and others.  Many of these books are now out of print so I have also brought links to purchase them on the book pages and there are also some Free eBooks available. Please browse the various sections for further information. Let me know if you find my pages interesting, or if you know of another author that should be included, by using the contact form available in Contact Me. If you would like to know when I post in the blog or new releases sections you can subscribe to my feed and get a daily email. The General HNF Info section covers a wide range of things to help understanding of the genre such as a glossary, naval facts and many more.

The site also covers all other nautical literature, both fiction and non-fiction in the Other Nautical Genres section. This is where you will find news and listings of naval fiction set after the Age of Sail including AOS Privateer Fiction (Novels where the main featured vessel is a privateer), AOS Naval Non Fiction (Factual books about the sailing navies of the world and those who manned them), AOS Other Non Fiction (Other factual books about the Age of Sail), AOS Pirate Fiction (Pirate and Buccaneer stories) and AOS Other Nautical Fiction (Merchant ships, smuggling, etc. set in the age of sail)

It also includes the Modern Era section with ME Naval Fiction (Naval Fiction books set during the periods of Steam, Oil and Nuclear Power), ME Naval Non Fiction (Factual books about modern navies of the world and those who man them), ME Other Non Fiction (Other factual nautical books about the Modern Era) and ME Other Nautical Fiction (Merchant ships and other nautical fiction in the modern era).

=The site is run by David Hayes who is retired and lives in Essex, England. It is an independant site, not affilaited to any publisher or author.

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