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Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I last posted on the site (2017) and I thought I would let you know what happened and what the plans are for the future,

This site started as a few pages on another site I have, but then became an independent site as I added a few more authors to it, Over the years it grew and now has over 4000 pages. I have no background in IT and keeping it going at that size was a learning curve. Over the years software was updated or ceased to be supported and over time a few bugs appeared which got worse with each update. Eventually it reached a stage where saving articles failed with numerous error messages, things did not appear correctly on the site (the Tags) and the software would not update to the next version.

Trying to fix it all with the help of support forums got me nowhere so I decided to take 6 months off as that coincided with moving house. Occasional attempts to fix things failed and the site became dormant.

The core software has since been totally rebuilt, and has been stable for over a year, so I decided to see if I could upgrade to that in the hopes it would clear the bugs. However, the upgrade crashed and the site had to be restored from the backup. Each time an error message was fixed and the update was tried it crashed with a new error. Support was saying it needed professional paid help which wasn't an option.

Recently the old software reached end of life so I decided to try and rebuild from scratch in the new version and transfer the data over. I've been working on that for a few weeks and it's ready to go live. What you are seeing now is the result.

So what are the plans for the future? First off I need to do a complete audit and track down any broken links etc. I've found a lot as I've been rebuilding but there are probably others. If you find any please use the contact form to report them.

After that I'll start checking the author records and finding any new books they have released which will be notified by further posts. Next will be checking several years of emails asking for things to be updated/added.

Also I need to install the newsletter system. As a lot of things have changed over the years, particularly GDPR, I decided to do a clean install and not bring over user data which has been deleted. If you are interested in receiving the newsletter you will need to subscribe when that system is available.

Once that's all done hopefully we will get back to regular updates,

Thank you for your continued support over the years.

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