Floating Gold When you have read as many naval fiction novels as I have the first challenge a new author and book has to meet is do the story and characters seem fresh. This is a challenge Floating Gold achieves from cover to cover in a pacy narrative which held my attention.

The book follows the exploits of Captain Oliver Quintrell and his crew aboard HM frigate Elusive as they sail out into the Atlantic with sealed orders after the signing of the Peace of Amiens. As well as the officers the book follows some of the crew and one of the refreshing things was that the crew was represented by some of the junior warrant officers, the carpenter and cooper, who usually only get a walk on part.

There are no roaring broadsides and blood and guts hand to hand fighting as this is more of a mystery novel with secret orders and destinations, the possibility of finding treasure, as well as espionage, murder and sabotage. The book is mainly set in the Southern Ocean, an area rarely featured, but, as with all mystery novels, I think it's best if this review does not give too much of the plot away.

When all the mysteries have been solved and the ship is back in Portsmouth you get a feeling that the book is almost finished and that you have read an enjoyable story. Then suddenly you are delighted to be plunged back into the action again. Would I like to read more of Captain Quintrell, Lieutenant Parry,  Acting Carpenter Will Ethridge and their adventures? I certainly would.

A book I recommend.

Description of: Floating Gold

Author: Margaret Muir



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