Margaret Muir

Born in England, Margaret Christine Muir now lives in Tasmania where she is a member of the Tasmanian Sail Training Association. During her travels, she has cruised round the coast of South America, crossed Drake Passage and visited the frozen islands off the Antarctic Peninsula. It is these experiences which inspired her to write her first nautical fiction adventure Floating Gold. Versions of her work appear as either 'by M. C. Muir' or 'by Margaret Muir'.

Series: Under Admiralty Orders - The Oliver Quintrell Series
Year  Book  Comment
1802 Floating Gold With peace in Europe Cptn. Oliver Quintrell of HMS Elusive joins a fleet sailing into the Atlantic
1803 The Tainted Prize Quintrell heads south with orders are to find a missing ship
1804 Admiralty Orders Quintrell faces life-threatening events at Gibraltar
1804 The Unfortunate Isles A sheltered cove offers an ideal location to careen Perpetual
1805 The Seventy-Four Treachery and insurrection, murder and mutiny must be put down
1805 Nelson's Wake Confronted with an abandoned ship and a rogue officer Quintrell faces challenges he would never expect.

AOS Other Nautical Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Sea Dust Emma can sail to Australia, but to do so she must stowaway on the Morning Star


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