An excellent new edition of this nineteenth century classic; generously sized and with a clear, readable, print (so much better than reading an old copy with grubby pages).

Written in true "Boy's Own" style the hero begins his naval career as midshipman in a small brig. In the space of a few days he manages to rescue a man overboard, his captain from certain death "I drew a pistol from my belt, and, thrusting the muzzle into the Frenchman's face, pulled the trigger," and repel a boarding party, resulting in the capture of a larger enemy ship. He is then transferred to a frigate, and more notable historical events occur. Stirring stuff and really very enjoyable. The style, similar to Marryat, is naturally dated (the original was published in 1884), although it feels totally in keeping with the action, which is brisk, breathless and just bordering on the believable!


Description of: Under the Meteor Flag

Author: Harry Collingwood

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