A Love of AdventureJoan Druett is an award winning author, and you only have to read A Love of Adventure to know why. I could hardly put it down and I think I'm right in saying this was her first novel when it was originally published as Abigail.

It is the story of a young lady, born and raised at sea in the Pacific, who is eventually sent to relatives in New Bedford and must then find a way of getting back to New Zealand to claim her inheritance. The book displays a wealth of knowledge about whaling and life at sea in the period as well as being someting of a murder mystery novel. It has extremely well written plot lines which weave various aspects together well in an unpredictable manner. There are a lot of characters and all of them came accross as well rounded and believable and they interacted with each other well.

I can only say this is highly recommended reading.

Description of: A Love of Adventure

Author: Joan Druett

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