The Pirate CaptainIf you are looking for a pirate fiction 'fix' I do not think you will regret picking up The Pirate Captain by Kerry Lynne. The book follows the lives and interactions of a particular crew, their friends and their enemies in a well thought out plot. The characterisations are strong and the pirate characters are not the caricatures of the big and small screens. Yes they are pirates and yes they can be ruthless but at the same time they are a sort of family. The captain, Nathan, and the principal female character Cate both have good back stories that are slowly revealed.

As an AOS book it was good but it is also a good romance novel with a 'will they, won't they' suspense element.

I found it a well written narrative with a plot that made it hard to put down and which left me wanting more when it ended even though it was a lengthy 620 pages. With the Kindle version currently available for £5.79 this makes it excellent value for money. 

Highly recommended.

Description of: The Pirate Captain: Chronicles of a Legend

Author: Kerry Lynne



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