A Battle Won A Battle Won by S. Thomas Russell, continues the adventures of Charles Hayden, the son of an English naval captain and a French mother. His hopes for a new command following his promotion to Master and Commander are dashed when the Port Admiral sends him back into his former ship, the frigate Themis, as a “job-captain” with orders to deliver the ship to Admiral Hood in the Mediterranean following which he will again be unemployed. Despite the lateness of the season the ship must join the escort of a convoy across the Bay of Biscay and the ships reputation as a "mutiny ship" soon finds his in conflict with the other escort captains.

What follows is a fast paced narrative as Hayden deals with awkward passengers, an outbreak of a deadly virus, winter gales and attacks by superior French forces. Having safely arrived in Gibraltar and then escaping Toulon, now back in the hands of the French, Themis joins the fleet and Hayden at last finds a senior officer who seems to be on his side. Left in command of the frigate he takes part in the British efforts to help the Corsicans drive the French from their island. After plenty of action Hayden again finds himself back in England where his personal life takes an enexpected turn.

The scenes aboard ship and ashore are well described and brought to life by a set of very believable characters. Together with the previous book, Under Enemy Colours, this has already become a series not to be missed by fans of the genre and I look forward to reading more of Hayden and his shipmates. Definitely recommended reading.

Description of: A Battle Won

Author: S. Thomas Russell

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