For Love of CountryThis second book in the Cutler Family Chronicles explores the period when the young nation of America was finding it's feet. It was setting up it's forms of government but in Europe and North Africa was regarded as weak leading to the Barbary States of North Africa preying on it's trading vessels. It's main ally France, who had helped it to independence, was starting to experience it's own problems as revolution drew nearer.

These problems are brought home to the Cutlers when their ship Eagle, with Richard's brother Caleb aboard, is captured by Algerines and the crew is held for Ransom. Government expresses a concern for American seamen held in North Africa and a wish to do something about it but little practical seems to happen. The family must decide to handle the matter themselves and Richard sets off for Algiers.

Whilst there he faces the conflicting demands of his families and his countries interests before sailing for France where he must help an old friend caught up in the growing revolution.

I continue to enjoy this series, especially as reading them on this side of the Atlantic they give an insight into early American politics and international relations. The author weaves these facts into a narrative which flows well and leads you to empathise with his characters.

I look forward to reading the next in the series. Recommended.

Description of: For Love of Country

Author: William C. Hammond

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