Gentleman CaptainOver the years while reading naval fiction I have become familiar with history of the navies of Nelson's time. With this new book 'Gentleman Captain' I have started to learn about the time of the Restoration, the period in which the norms we take for granted in Nelsonian books were being formulated. Thus we have ships before the introduction of wheels to steer, Captain's who know nothing of the sea and the familiar officer structure was not yet present.

A wealth of new historic knowledge was communicated from within a storyline that was a real page turner. The underlying element of mystery made the books conclusion unpredictable and each chapter left you eager to know what would happen next. The book is narrated from the point of view of the hero, the Gentleman Captain of the title, who is recounting his early career and promises to be the first of a great series.

I certainly recommend this one

Description of: Gentleman Captain

Author: J. D. Davies

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