Scarborough FairWhilst I have seen many references to books that feature the career of John Paul Jones this is the first fictionalised view of part of his career that I have read.

The book starts with him in Paris, shortly after he has given up the command of Ranger, and follows the political manoeuvres in France that led to his command of the Bonhomme Richard and a small squadron as Commodore.

It then explores the early phase of his command, including a mutiny and the lack of support  from some of his subordinate French captains, and finally the book moves to it's climax at the Battle of Flamborough Head, explored from both the American and British perspective.

This is a well written novel and the personality of the many historical figures features as characters come through, all mixed ito a compelling narrative which is hard to put down.


Description of: Scarborough Fair

Author: Chris Scott Wilson




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